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Able Child (G&T)

The role of the more able child coordinator is to ensure that the needs of the more able child are met throughout their time at Newport. Monitoring of pupils’ progress is key to securing sustained achievement with the aim of every child, including the more able, fulfilling their potential.

 Close liaison with Year 2 teachers enables Newport teaching staff to assess ability in academic subjects as well as gaining insight into their social and physical development on entering junior school. Pupils showing talents in sport as well as those working at higher than expected levels in academic subjects are nurtured at Newport.

At Newport we believe that every child requires support and challenge in lessons. This is achieved in a variety of ways:

  • To enable our more able mathematicians to progress at a pace more suited to their ability each year group differentiates work appropriately.
  • More able pupils participate in problem solving workshops run by the more able child coordinator. These sessions provide the opportunity to acquire new skills and approaches to mathematical challenges, as well as extending and reinforcing skills mastered in their year group maths set.
  • The more able coordinator teaches Year 6 pupils maths and English groups in preparation for the end of KS2 examinations. In the summer term, other year groups participate in writing workshops designed to focus on acquiring the skills need to give their writing reader appeal.
  • More able pupils regularly attend workshops organised by RushmoorAble cluster where they are given the opportunity to work with pupils from other schools on a variety of curriculum subjects. These have included: Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Maths problem solving, D&T, History Vikings Artefact Research , Music Tabla Drumming, boys’ exciting writing and Art. Events are publicised regularly on the Newport web site.
  • Pupils are entered for a variety of competitions where team work and communication are important to success. Working with First partnership, these events make links with skills taught in schools to the world of work.
  • Talented pupils are encouraged to participate in a wide range of  sports clubs run before/after school . Experts from different sports from cricket/rugby/judo regularly coach Newport pupils. Advice on joining local sports clubs is readily available from More able & PE coordinator.


Throughout their time at Newport School, the more able child is given a wide variety of exciting challenges and experiences that help them develop as a whole person. Developing the ability to question, explain and persevere as well as to be open to new ideas is ongoing. The ability to communicate their thoughts and ideas confidently as well as be a good team player, recognising other people’s strengths, provides a solid foundation for all children.